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Gold Price In Kenya Shillings Today

A year by year reference of the daily Gold Price in Kenya and history of Gold Rates in Kenya Shillings
Mar 27, 2015

   TYPE OunceGramsKilo
24Karat110,491.88 KSh3,552.55 KSh3,552,551.31 KSh
21Karat101,210.16 KSh3,254.12 KSh3,254,123.96 KSh
18Karat82,868.91 KSh2,664.41 KSh2,664,413.48 KSh
14Karat64,637.38 KSh2,078.23 KSh2,078,230.66 KSh
10Karat46,074.86 KSh1,481.41 KSh1,481,405.60 KSh
Above Gold rates are converted from international gold prices by the authentic sources for the public interest, data accuracy may be compromised due to the gold rate conversion into the regional currency.

Gold Price Chart For Kenya Shillings (KES)

Gold Price Chart for Gold rates comparison can be viewed below in 3 kind of Gold charts including gold price chart for 30 days, Gold price chart for 1 year, Gold price chart for 10 days, consulting Gold chart is a useful way to get the exact Gold analytics for Intelligent Gold Trading.

30 Days

1 Year's

10 Year's

When we listen about Kenya and Egypt then the thing that clicks in mind is the beautiful era of pharaohs in which everything was very classic and adorns with royalty. In Egypt it was thought that gold is the color of the skin of god. In ancient time it was the thought that only high royalties can wear the gold and gold in Egypt was thought to be the most precious metal. In early times the people of Egypt, Kenya and many other domains used to worship the sun as it was the symbol of power. You know when we talk about gold then there are many meanings associated with gold as gold is most widely used metal, when we talk about gold in context of economy then it acquire material value. Gold is proved to be the milestone many countries keep the reserves of gold in order to save their economy when money crashes down. It is also the symbol of love for the people to express when they gift gold to someone. People in Korea and many other states like India and Egypt as well they used to furnish gods with gold not only they furnish but also they made the whole statue of god out of gold. In ancient time it was the tradition that only upper class and worshippers can wear the gold as it is also the medium communication in which you can show your love and obedience for some by gifting gold. The outlook of gold is never rusting kind, and this is the best medium to communicate your divine thoughts towards your respective god, and also the medium to embrace divine qualities. In many states there is the use of gold for keeping the temperature under control by making their buildings gold plated as gold can keep the building at moderate temperature even when the temperature is boiling and same is the case with winter as when temperature falls gold always keep the temperature moderate even when it is freezing outside. It is also heard that gold has also made its way in magic. Yes it is used to make amulets that are used in magic. An amulet that is made up of gold is considered to be protected for the children against any harm and curse specially against evil eye, which was the fiction definitely. It is also effective against many diseases well it is not a fictitious thought of early age but also it is the fact that gold is used to treat the disease well it is also used in treating the cancer. You can find many things in the history that it was the tradition that anything that really matters has to involve gold in its procedure. Gold share connection with money, wealth and many other things that is associated with power and strength. In Kenya there is also a tradition of wearing gold, females use to wear gold for beautifying themselves. provides the rates only for the purpose of information. Therefore any information from you relate anywhere will be strictly at your own risk.