Gold Price In Kuwaiti Dinar Today

A year by year reference of the daily Gold Price in Kuwait and history of Gold Rates in Kuwaiti Dinar
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Gold Price Chart For Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)

Gold Price Chart for Gold rates comparison can be viewed below in 3 kind of Gold charts including gold price chart for 30 days, Gold price chart for 1 year, Gold price chart for 10 days, consulting Gold chart is a useful way to get the exact Gold analytics for Intelligent Gold Trading.

Kuwait is ranked 36 among the countries that possess the highest gold reserves in the world and comes fifth with in the Arab countries in the same category, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. Kuwait has 97 tons of gold comprising 13.2 percent of foreign reserves the country owns and among Arab countries, Kuwait comes fifth after Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria, and Libya. The US topped the list with 8133.5 tons of gold, representing 74.7 percent of its reserves. provides the rates only for the purpose of information. Therefore any information from you relate anywhere will be strictly at your own risk.