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Gold Price In Kuwaiti Dinar Today

A year by year reference of the daily Gold Price in Kuwait and history of Gold Rates in Kuwaiti Dinar
Mar 26, 2015

TypePer GramPer 10 GramPer Tola
24Carat12.00 Riyal120.00 Riyal139.92 Riyal
22Carat11.50 Riyal115.00 Riyal134.09 Riyal
18Carat9.00 Riyal90.00 Riyal104.94 Riyal
Above Gold rates are updated from authentic local sources for the public interest, data accuracy may be compromised due to the gold rate conversion into the regional currency.

Gold Price Chart For Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)

Gold Price Chart for Gold rates comparison can be viewed below in 3 kind of Gold charts including gold price chart for 30 days, Gold price chart for 1 year, Gold price chart for 10 days, consulting Gold chart is a useful way to get the exact Gold analytics for Intelligent Gold Trading.

Kuwait is ranked 36 among the countries that possess the highest gold reserves in the world and comes fifth with in the Arab countries in the same category, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. Kuwait has 97 tons of gold comprising 13.2 percent of foreign reserves the country owns and among Arab countries, Kuwait comes fifth after Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria, and Libya. The US topped the list with 8133.5 tons of gold, representing 74.7 percent of its reserves. Just like every folk out there people living in Kuwait which is officially called State of Kuwait have similar craving for Gold. People own Gold in different forms including Gold Coins, Gold Jewelry, Gold Bars etc. Some people keep Gold with them for enhancing their beauty especially women and some own Gold for saving and investment as Gold is the most powerful investment tool because if you convert your money in Gold you cannot spend it like you spend money. The most discussed trends in every era are the trends of Gold. People keep a closer look at the decline and rise of prices of Gold because it is the most selling metal of all times. No matter where you live and from where you belong the craving for owning gold is equivalent in every individual belonging to different races even. For interest of such investors and Gold traders living in Kuwait we provide daily Gold Rates in Kuwait so that you can make your decision of purchasing and selling Gold at favorable times. We offer you the gold rates for the most selling Gold Purity levels including 18 Carat Gold, 22 Carat Gold and 24 Carat Gold. All these prices are provided for per gram Gold, per ten gram Gold and Per Tola as well. The prices are mentioned in official currency of Kuwait that is Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) and are applicable at all major cities of Kuwait including Hawalli, Al Farwaniyah, Doha, Bayan, Kayfan and Al Jahrah. Whatever the reason may be for buying or selling gold the thing that is of your concern is the trends of Gold. Likewise other Arab States people of Kuwait are also considered to have high standards because the economy of Kuwait is quiet strong because of the natural reservoirs of Oil and gases and being worlds’ largest oil exporter. Due to the fact of powerful economy of the state people prefer to invest their Money in purchasing Gold. provides the rates only for the purpose of information. Therefore any information from you relate anywhere will be strictly at your own risk.