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Gold Rates & Silver Rate from major cities of Pakistan

Discover the historical gold rates in Pakistan since January 2012 till now. Graph and Chart about historical gold price in Pakistan in Pakistani Rupees day by day.
Mar 28, 2015

City24k per 10 Grams24 carat per Tola22k Per 10 GramsSilver 10 Grams
KarachiRs. 40671Rs. 47450Rs. 37282Rs. 578.57
LahoreRs. 40671Rs. 47450Rs. 37282Rs. 578.57
MultanRs. 40671Rs. 47450Rs. 37282Rs. 578.57
FaisalabadRs. 40671Rs. 47450Rs. 37282Rs. 578.57
RawalpindiRs. 40671Rs. 47450Rs. 37282Rs. 578.57
HyderabadRs. 40671Rs. 47450Rs. 37282Rs. 578.57
GujranwalaRs. 40671Rs. 47450Rs. 37282Rs. 578.57
PeshawarRs. 40671Rs. 47450Rs. 37282Rs. 578.57
QuettaRs. 40671Rs. 47450Rs. 37282Rs. 578.57
IslamabadRs. 40671Rs. 47450Rs. 37282Rs. 578.57
SargodhaRs. 40671Rs. 47450Rs. 37282Rs. 578.57
Source: Karachi Saraf.
Find Today's current Gold Rates in Pakistan and History of gold rate in major cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Hyderabad. At Gold rate Section view the online live Bullion prices (24 carat gold rates, 22 carat gold rate) of Pakistan in Pakistani Rupees, Gram and per tola. Here you can also find gold price chart and current silver rates (silver bullion prices) goldrates.

Last 4 Months 24 Carat Per Tola Gold Rate Chart in Pakistani Rupess

Gold is a precious metal that is often regarded as status symbol. There are various uses of gold but the most important of all is its monetary value. From ancient times gold coins used to be the money for all states and countries. Other than coins gold is also molded into precious statues that indicates the cultures of different countries and places. Many royal states still have gold and silver utensils that is the symbol of their royal status. The other uses of gold includes the medals that are the reward for winners in various competitions. Due to its good electric conducting property it is also converted into wires and sheets and used in mechanical and electrical devices. the most common use of gold is in form of jewels that are often used to beautify the personality. as it is a status symbol so those having more gold are often considered to belong to elite class. Well there are so many uses of gold that cannot be covered all at once. Whatever the reason may be but a thing in common in people around the globe is craving for gold and same is for people living in Pakistan. Everyone wants to own gold and there may be numeros reason but the chief reasons are trade and investments. Pakistan is a country that is officially called Islamic Republic of Pakistan which is an rapidly developing country having more than 180 million population. For the folks living in Pakistan we provide the latest gold prices in Pakistan so if they are making their mind to sell or purchase gold they do it in a profitable time. You can visit us to get acknowledged yourself with the latest gold price and also history of gold rates in Pakistan for past 30 days. provides the rates only for the purpose of information. Therefore any information from you relate anywhere will be strictly at your own risk.