Gold Prices In Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) Today

A year by year reference of the daily Gold Price in Indonesia and The history of Gold Rates in Indonesia
Dec 19, 2014

   TYPE OunceGramsKilo
24Karat4,688.78 Rupiah150.75 Rupiah150,754.47 Rupiah
21Karat4,294.94 Rupiah138.09 Rupiah138,091.45 Rupiah
18Karat3,516.59 Rupiah113.07 Rupiah113,065.85 Rupiah
14Karat2,742.95 Rupiah88.19 Rupiah88,191.74 Rupiah
10Karat1,955.22 Rupiah62.86 Rupiah62,864.44 Rupiah
Above Gold rates are converted from international gold prices by the authentic sources for the public interest, data accuracy may be compromised due to the gold rate conversion into the regional currency.

Gold Price Chart For Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Gold Price Chart for Gold rates comparison can be viewed below in 3 kind of Gold charts including gold price chart for 30 days, Gold price chart for 1 year, Gold price chart for 10 days, consulting Gold chart is a useful way to get the exact Gold analytics for Intelligent Gold Trading.

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Indonesia was the world's seventh largest gold producer in 2003, producing 163 t compared to 158 t in 2002. Over 70% of Indonesia's production is generated as a by-product of copper mining at Grasberg and Batu Hijau, both of which reported higher production year on year.Grasberg, the world's largest gold-producing mine, yielded 98 t in 2003, an 8% increase from 2002.

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